Make your project!

Maker Club was established to help you make your own project!

We only ask for you to take safety precautions and to document the progress of your work, so that we can showcase it!


CMC will offer advice, equipment access, training, and work space ONLY to projects that are officially registered within the club. Registration is simple and necessary for our future – it lets us justify our finances for Cornell funding, and ensures safety and awareness for other club members.

What do I need to do?

After you come up with a great project, make sure it’s feasible and safe. Registration will get you thinking about the  structure and cost of your project.

Beyond registration, the project leader is in charge of maintaining documentation and finances. This includes updating safety information, recruitment, keeping a CMC webpage, and making project meetings.

All these points are elaborated upon in our guide, here!

Once you’ve read the guide, please fill a Project Registration Form!